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  • Virtual check-in will begin each day at 9AM. Please do not submit the form until Wednesday at check-in.

  • Come to New Song Nashville + park in their parking lot (parking attendants will be there to help direct you) or in the culdesac and simply virtually check-in your student. If you are in a carpool, please submit a form for each student in your carpool. This helps us know how each student is being picked up each night.

  • Parents do NOT need to come in to complete the check-in process if they do not want to. They can fill out the form and then have their students go straight into the foyer of the main worship center (two-story building)

  • Students driving themselves or a carpool may come and park in the lot and stay parked through the duration of the event. Everyone in that carpool, including the student driver, needs to complete the virtual check-in form. 

  • Should you have issues with the form, we will have attendants available to help you as well as a station inside with attendants ready to help you! 

  • We want this to be an easy way to serve your families! If you have any issues or need any help please don't hesitate to ask and we will work to accommodate you! 

  • After the student has checked-in, we will have activities + hang time options available to them until doors open at 9:30AM. 



  • The next step after everyone has virtually checked-in is to come into the foyer to receive your swag bags, turn in phone and/or keys as well as any medication. 

  • The tables are split up by last name (A-H/I-P/Q-Z). Please come right in and go to the line that corresponds with the first letter of your last name. 

  • Swag bags are premade with each student's name on them. In the swag bags, each student will get a special sticker, journal with devotional pieces each day as well as extra notes pages, a camp schedule, their camp shirt and a security wristband. 

  • As soon as they get their wristband, they MUST put this on. This indicates to our leadership team and security that they are right where they need to be. 

  • They will also turn in phone and keys if applicable. We will put these in ziplock bags with their name and church. These items will be locked up for the duration of the event and returned to students at check out. 

Should you need to contact your student, please start with connecting with your students Youth Pastor or Youth Minister. You can also contact us directly with our email,


  • Virtual check-out will begin at 8PM each night. Please do not submit the form until Wednesday at check-out.

  • In the foyer there is a TV that we will have a spreadsheet updating in real-time who has arrived to pick up. Students will be dismissed at 8PM and can come and check if they are being picked up. We will have leaders + volunteers helping your students know when it's time to leave. 

  • Each student will need to come and receive their phones/keys and medications as well if they brought them to turn in.

  • If you are needing direct assistance, please email us at and we will be happy to help you! 


  • We LOVE having our parents/guardians partner with us! Camp is not just another event. It is unto so much more and we love being able to connect and partner with parents/guardians as a part of that investment. 

  • One of the best times to come and visit will be during our sessions

  • Afternoon sessions start at 1PM

  • Evening sessions start at 6PM

  • In order to help our security processes & to ensure the safety of all our students and leaders, we are asking that each visitor fill out the form below to let us know that you are coming to camp for a visit. We will then add you to our list and ensure that you get a security wristband & name tag when you arrive.


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